Invention Scouts is different from STEM

Invention scouts is team based, where scouts learn to learn on their own and use their creativity to invent new things.

Invention Scouts cover business, technology, facilities, production, marketing / graphics, leadership, service, teaching others and creativity. We provide access to invention lab equipment and the program is designed to be fun and scout run.

Who should I contact to get involved?

Currently, the Great Rivers Council, which serves the 33 counties of Mid-Missouri, is the only council to have a full, up and running Invention Scouts program. We are in discussions to add other Councils including Western Los Angeles Area Council. A comprehensive map of the Great Rivers Council is located on the Great Rivers Council website at If you live in the Great Rivers Council area and are interested in Invention Scouts please contact Invention Scouts Executive, Thomas Yang, by phone at (573) 449-2561 ext. 210 or by email at If you do not live in the Great Rivers Council, but are interested in Invention Scouts, please contact Thomas Yang as well.

For Councils who want to start Invention Scouts, we are willing to help. Providing access to an Invention Lab and equipment is key to a successful program. We can help Councils decide what equipment they need given different budgets, or how to find others in their community who will allow access to equipment. Mobile Invention Trailers can be ordered (at cost), or we will help you with free plans to build your own. We can help with online training for Advisors/Mentors. Marketing materials is available for free on the website. Contact Us if you want to talk.

Why are you part of the Boy Scouts?

Working within the Boy Scouts of America has a lot of advantages. BSA programs have been available for over 100 years, providing program and training for scouts and adults. Experience does count. Venture Scouts (which are open to both young men and women) will have access to camps, Jamborees, Scouters, staff and volunteers across the country. Adult leaders have background checks, and access to training. Mentors are similar to Merit Badge Counsellors, providing knowledge and guidance. It is a volunteer program, which reduces costs. Invention Contests can be offered by district, council or national. And most important it will be fun!!!

What is an Invention Crew?

Crews are the organizational structure for venture crews and explorer posts. Each crew has multiple invention teams. Teams get together monthly at Crew meetings. Teams meet more often, eg. weekly. A crew is responsible for advancement, arranging for competitions and challenges, recruiting new scouts, adults and mentors, arranging access to Invention labs and trailer(s), finding experts for teams to work with, plan crew events, fundraising and other help.
An Invention team is a small group of scouts who work together on inventions. Teams decide on what inventions they want to work on. Individual scouts can change teams or even belong to more than one team.

Leadership for adults is:
Crew level - Board for Crew, Advisor, Assistant advisor , Mentors
Team level - Team Advisor, Assistant team Advisor
Leadership for scouts is:
Crew level - President, VP- Business, VP- Facilities, VP- Production, VP -Marketing Graphics.
Team level - Team Leader , Assistant Team leader - Business, Facilities, Production , Marketing.