We have built two Invention Trailers. One 8.5' by 24', and one 7' by 14'. It involves more than buying a standard trailer and throwing in some equipment. We worked with an Interior Designer, a trailer manufacturer, my farm manager (thanks Kenny Luecke), and a graphic designer to design ours. Here are some pictures. (Need to add)

Some things you might not think about. First, you need tie downs on the interior. Second, you need to consider location and types of windows, doors, electrical plugs, AC, heaters, lights, electricity, steps and ramps. Third, the interiors of walls, floors and ceiling can dramatically change the look. Fourth, you need furniture including tables, chairs, trash cans, storage crates etc. Finally, the exterior wrap is important.

This is what we picked.

Tie downs on interior sides, (36) ) inch high. Need to prevent furniture and equipment from moving when driving trailer.

Windows - 6 foot food truck window that closes from outside; three high, small windows at front and back, and window in side door.

Doors -one motor home style door (36") on side near front with steps, standard two doors opening out on rear with ramp that stores under trailer (in back on large, on side in small)

Electrical plugs -every three feet 4 feet high as needed. One plug outside near large window. Switch near side door. Exterior plug for electricity, and electricity box.

AC, heaters, two lights on ceiling so that you don't hit your head.

Interior siding - we picked stainless steel for middle of trailer (walls and ceiling), and bamboo plywood for front and back of trailer. In small trailer the entire ceiling is stainless steel, one end wall, and entire front walls are bamboo. Breaking up the trailer makes it look bigger, and differentiates between work space and thinking space.

Furniture - Bamboo, adjustable, gladiator work benches; director chairs with black canvas (for large trailer), stools (for small trailer); black slim trash cans with lids, and shelves. We made a small table of bamboo plywood, and a front custom deck in large trailer.

Flooring - We picked one that is grey with tiny raised black squares, to prevent slipping from Garage Flooring Inc.

Complete Trailer Equipment List

  • Epilog Laser - (costs vary by size , we bought Zing for small trailer and larger versions for big trailer and lab.
  • Afinia 3d printers (2-3)
  • Embroidery machine (brother)
  • Sewing Machine (brother) -(optional)
  • Scan and cut machine - (optional)
  • Roland milling machine- (optional)
  • Little bits - electronic equipment
  • Computers (PC) with cd readers. (4-5)
  • Soldering equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Sears portable project work carts (2) and locks. Stores under gladiator work bench .
  • Gladiator adjustable work benches (small trailer -2 8' foot, large trailer 2 8' foot and 2 4' foot)
  • Stools (4) for small, director chairs (4) for large
  • Portable table (3' square) for large trailer
  • Black collapsible milk crates (4-6) to store equipment when moving and general storage

Assorted items - 4 jacks for trailer, 2 8' exhaust house 4" for laser exhaust fan, 2 tie down straps to hold workbenches, locks - 2 circle locks for outside trailer, 2 locks for carts, fire extinguisher (check laser handbook for type) , first aid kit, small tool kit, soldering kit, extension cord heavy, 4-5 computers, little bits electronics, tall director chair -black canvas and light wood.

Here is the Invoice for the 14 foot trailer for example.

Here is a comprehensive spreadsheet of all of the equipment for the WLACC 14 foot trailer.