Inventors need to learn new thing! We know learning new things is tough. It’s hard to get to a class or a meeting outside of school. So we’re trying to make learning easier for you!

The following Learning Skills have been specifically chosen to give you a chance to experience a broad range of topics and tools. Some you will be interested in, others you might not like at all. But, learning what you don't like is just as important as learning what you do like and have talent in!

These Learning Skills are designed to be viewed on anything from your smartphone, laptop, home computer or tablet. Learn at your own pace, there are no time limits! Just choose a topic of interest, and what level of experience you have, and go-for-it!

Once a month your Crew or Team will meet at an Invention Lab, where you will be able to put your new learned skills to use. Have fun and invent something new!

Explore all Learning Skills

  1. Electronic and Robotic Lab
    1. Electronic equipment including soldering.
    2. Raspberry Pi and other similar hardware.
    3. Arduino programming and other programing languages.
    4. Robotic equipment and supplies
  2. 2D and Woodworking Lab
    1. Epilog Laser System
    2. Metal Working
    3. Shopbot or CNC Router
    4. Corel Draw and other design software
    5. Woodworking tools
  3. 3D Lab
    1. 3D Printers
    2. Digitizers
    3. CNC Milling Machine
    4. SketchUp/CAD and CAM Software
  4. Print and Design Lab
    1. Vinyl cutter/ large format printer
    2. Digital Fabric Printer
    3. Sewing Machines-embroidery, etc.
  5. Multimedia
    1. Photography and multi purpose printer/copier/scanners
    2. Adobe Software Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro (video editing)
  6. Leadership
  7. Business
  8. Creativity