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Yes. Everyone is capable of being an inventor. It is human to do things in new ways. Invention Scouts is designed to teach new skills and talents to help you become a better inventor. Successful inventors have three interesting characteristics, they can learn on their own, finish projects they start, and work well in a group.

Learning to learn on your own is an important skill. It is different from learning in a required class. Working on inventions requires learning many new skills. Teaching yourself a new skill is easier, when you have a reason to learn. Many important skills are not taught in a school.

Finishing a project is hard. But according to the former world champion in Chess, Gary Kasparov, hard work is a talent. It is as important as intelligence, and creativity. As Edison said invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Individuals working alone rarely bring inventions to completion.

Inventors work in groups. This allows individuals to specialize in areas of strength, and to get feedback. One member of a team can be mechanical, technical, artistic etc. A leader is needed to bring pieces together. Working in a group requires one to treat others with respect. The more you work in a group, the better you get at it.