What an Advisor needs to know.

First, you don't need to be an expert. You and your Invention Scouts will be learning together!
Other adult volunteers, like mentors, merit badge counselors and scouters will offer help if asked. Forget about curriculum and focus on problem solving and having fun.

Second, Invention Scouting should be fun! It is fun to work with a team, finish projects and learn, to learn on your own. Put the fun back into learning. Scouting needs to be fun and educational.

Third, the scouts will be working as teams. So should adults. Don't try to do everything yourself. Break work into small tasks and ask others to help. Parents of younger scouts, and the older scouts need to help. No free rides.
Write down all of the small tasks, and have adults and older scouts sign up.

Fourth, access to Invention Lab equipment by Adult Leaders!

Finally, advisors can change lives!

Join Invention Scouts today!

Adult Volunteer Positions in an Invention Crew or Post (Adults leaders must be 21 years or older)

Crew Committee is composed of adult members—from parents, chartered organization members,
and other interested adults.

Advisors of a Post or a Crew are responsible for oversight of the Post or Crew. The Crew or Post and their Invention Teams are Scout run.

Mentors offer expertise to teams, and/or give lectures or courses on select skills or tools to Posts or Crews.

Merit Badge Counselors are registered adult volunteers that are experts in various fields.

Volunteers are adults who help at various times and events when needed.

All adults volunteers need to be registered with the Explorer Program or with the Boy Scouts of America.