Inventions Scouts are units chartered either as an Explorer Post or a Venturing Crew. Explorer Posts are part of the Learning for Life Corporation, while Venturing Crews are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Both organizations are Co-Ed so, all young women and men aged 11-21 can join. Scouts at age 21 can become adult Advisors.

Crews are organized like a small business. The Crews are made up of Co-Ed Invention Teams. An Invention Team has 4 to 10 members. The Crew members elect their leadership. Crews meet once a month, Teams usually meet weekly.

Adult Leadership

  • Crew Committee
  • Adult Advisor
  • Assistant Advisors


Youth Leadership

  • Crew President
  • Crew Executive VP


  • VP of Business
    • Leader ship training
    • Business Plans
    • Sales
    • Mass Production
    • Legal/Intellectual Property
  • VP of Technology
    • Electronics and Robotics
    • Programming
    • Micro-Controllers
  • VP of Facilities
    • 2D Woodworking Lab
    • 3D Lab
    • Shop Equipment & Tools
    • Prototype Manufacturing
  • VP of Marketing
    • Multimedia Lab
    • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Print and Design Lab